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The Mystery Character Dinner

Over the years I've been in various situations where the notion of "dinner with" arises.  Some of these are actual people through history, dead or alive, but that's much too complicated to go into here.

Instead, my dinner will be limited to characters from mystery fiction. This is the kind of situation where folks who are left out might have hurt feelings, so let me say that there are so many characters I'd want to break bread with that I'm not even going to try to include everybody. I'm also leaving out some characters I enjoy but wouldn't want to share a meal with, like Harry Bosch and Tony Soprano.

A nice first seating might include:

Jane Marple, Anna Pigeon, Jane Whitefield, Amelia Peabody, Kate Shugak, Kinsey Millhone and Casey Jones.  Yes, they're all women.

For a sexually desegregated meal, I might add Travis McGee, Elvis Cole, Myron Bolitar, Lucas Davenport and Rhett Butler. Some might argue that Butler is not a figure of mystery, but it's never clear where he got his money during the War of Northern Aggression, and that's mysterious enough for me.

A number of my own characters would also be present, since I already know that I enjoy spending time with them. 

The meal would be prepared by Fritz Brenner. Callahan McGarrity's House Mice would take care of cleaning both before and after, with temp employee Kay Scarpetta scrubbing the toilets.

Stephanie Plum will handle valet parking.

Rosato and Associates will handle lawsuits arising from the valet parking.


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