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Emily Toll

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[cover] Keys to Death (2005)
Murder follows travel agent Lynne Montgomery and her twenty-something daughter Jenna to the Florida Keys on what is supposed to be a simple vacation at a resort recently acquired by old friends Peggy and Rick Parker.  Things have been going wrong at Dos Hermanas Resort—power outages, slashed tires, bleach poured into a tank of exotic tropical fish.  When Lynne discovers the body of Darcy Gainsborough on the boat ramp,  matters become more complicated.  Darcy lived in the adjacent mobile home court and had some secrets of her own.  Pirates, parrots, drug smuggling, diving and death combine to produce an unforgettable vacation.
Read an excerpt from Keys to Death
[cover] Fall Into Death (2004)
Lynne Montgomery is checking out the sights for a future Fall Foliage Tour in New England, and checking in on her mother, who plans to open a New Hampshire bed-and-breakfast to accommodate those tour guests. The old place needs a lot of work—but wood rot becomes the least of their problems when Lynne discovers human bones in the basement floor. The Maple Leaf Inn becomes a crime scene and Lynne takes her stressed-out mother and twenty-something daughter on the road. But they're not alone on those scenic New England highways. While seeking clues to a thirty-year-old murder, Lynne's entourage is followed by somebody who wants the past to stay buried.
[cover] Murder Pans Out (2003)
Passion, greed, deceit and murder surface when plant pathologist Claire Sharples discovers a skeleton buried beside the Kern River and finds herself drawn into events of a half-century earlier. This evocative botanical mystery moves between past and present in California's Central Valley, exploring the worlds of oil, cotton and country music. Claire tries to unravel the mystery of the singing Cherokee Rose's lost love with the help of enigmatic Ramon Covarrubias and his eccentric journalist cousin Yolanda, in a story dictated as much by the nature of the land as by the character of its inhabitants. These are secrets someone is willing to kill to protect, and Claire's quest puts her own life in danger.
Read an excerpt from Murder Pans Out
[cover] Murder Will Travel (2002)
A widow in her mid-fifties, Lynne Montgomery has rediscovered her first love—travel. With the money from her husband's insurance policy, she buys the travel agency that she works for. But guiding tour groups of well-heeled vacationers becomes more than an educational experience, when murder adds itself to the itinerary. It's off to the Sonoma Wine Country for Lynne and fifteen tour guests as they make their way to the charming Villa Belladuce. There they will be treated to all of the finer things in life—and death—when Lynne stumbles across the body of the vineyard's former owner. Though she tries to protect her guests from the grisly details, an investigator suspects that one of those very guests could be the killer—and there is plenty of bottled-up bitterness for the departed vintner.
Read an excerpt from Murder Will Travel

Praise for Taffy Cannon's Emily Toll mysteries:

"A new mystery from Emily Toll is always reason to celebrate.  A superb writer who entertains and mystifies with equal skill."
—Carolyn G. Hart

"Toll is a marvelous writer, with a feel for language, a wry sense of humor, a sensitivity to human emotions, a no-nonsense narrative style and the ability to pack several mysteries into the narrow confines of one novel. Murder Pans Out is a thoroughly enjoyable work, with an implicit moral included: Don't mess with a bunch of women school teachers."
—John Broussard, New Mystery Lovers Magazine on Murder Pans Out

"Wonderful setting, excitement and dead-on tour group characters come together in a great mystery by Emily Toll. A splendid series."
Mystery Lovers Bookshop on Murder Pans Out

"A truly delightful cozy with a great deal of Gold Rush lore thrown in. The eight members of the tour group are an interesting and diverse group of women... who manage to survive vandalism, murder, attempted murder and an inept burglar and still have a terrific time."
I Love a Mystery on Murder Pans Out

"The details and history of the California Gold Rush are fascinating and are doled out in small increments as part of the teachers' trip. Each of the characters is entirely three-dimensional and will remind you of someone you know. Even the bad guy has a fascinating and multi-faceted personality. The mystery is well done, and the pace never flags."
The Romance Reader's Connection on Murder Pans Out

"The talented mystery writer Taffy Cannon is penning a new Booked for Travel series in the name Emily Toll. A full-bodied plot and sparkling sleuth make for a satisfying sojourn."
Mystery Lovers Bookshop News on Murder Will Travel

"Murder Will Travel is flawless. Oenophiles and teetotalers alike will be fascinated by the insider information on the California wine industry. Toll perfectly captures the Sonoma Valley—its scenery, its history, its atmosphere. Each of the characters has a unique and recognizable voice, point of view, and personality, a rare achievement. It is with protagonist Lynne Montgomery that Toll particularly shines. Montgomery is one of the most realistic fictional 50-ish women I've seen in a long time. Murder Will Travel is an auspicious, award-worthy kick-off for a new series."

"Murder Will Travel is a clever, charming novel that readers will relish on many levels. Its wine country setting is both exciting and fun while its complex plot will satisfy the most discriminating mystery buff. An admirable and delightful addition to the mystery world."
Agatha Award winner Earlene Fowler

"Fine wine, good food, an extensive tour of Sonoma wine country and its vineyards await the reader of Murder Will Travel. In addition, there's a first-rate mystery between the covers of this novel. Toll is a master at sprinkling in false leads, manages to give the story an unexpected ending and makes the journey through the pages toward that ending every bit as interesting as the tour the group embarked on."
I Love a Mystery

"An exciting and thoroughly original mystery. Rich and full-bodied, this new series is a delight to the palate."
—Tamar Myers, author of Crepes of Wrath, on Murder Will Travel

"Lynne was a person I'd choose for a travel agent. The characters are very realistic, and just like a real tour group, there are jerks and people you want to keep in touch with forever. I look forward to further books in the series and hope Lynne books a tour group to a mystery convention."
Deadly Pleasures on Murder Will Travel


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